Header image ✓

Hello all, my blog’s header image is done! What do you think? ^^
I sincerely hope this isn’t something I am going to change my mind about, 2 weeks later. That’s the thing with me – While I love all my representations, I am constantly changing my mind about what defines my core design aesthetic.

Eg:- while I am in love with minimalist interiors – Scandinavian interiors are a dream for when I have to design my own house/apartment, yet at the same time I see myself in a very eclectic apartment and loving it just as much. Let me tell you that while I just can’t wait to design my own place, I also dread the day it’ll need to happen.

Anyhoo, on this blog you will see numerous posts with moodboards, design and decor inspiration etc. and I genuinely hope they help you as much as they help me.

Stay tuned,

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