Feng… who?

Well hello there, nice person.
You have made your way to the blog of the girl otherwise known as ‘Feng’, an Interior designer by profession (and absolutely loving it) with a passion for DIY.
This blog is for inspiration, hope and unicorns and flowers acts as a platform for some of my work – Professional and DIY – Or both at the same time!
At least, that’s the plan.
Note: I started this blog almost 4 years ago, but felt very lost when it came to posting – I was never regular when it came to posting and whatever I did post wasn’t very cohesive. This past year I have opened myself to learning more about how to develop my brand and it’s importance. I am now on a path to start over and inspire – and it feels oh so invigorating.
Stay tuned,
P.S – In case you were thinking “that is a naaa-iice header image she’s got there”, the stock pic used in my header image is by the lovely Allison, creative superhero at Wonderlass!

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